Snowlife Skier ability chart

Beginner – Starter, Levels 1 & 2
Intermediate – Levels 3, 4 & 5

Advanced – Levels 6 & 7

StarterI have never skied before.
Level 1I have tried it before. I can put my skis on and off. I can climb sideways up a gentle hill and ski down, controlling my speed by ploughing.

I can stop when I need to on the nursery slope.
Level 2I can ski down the nursery slope controlling my speed and direction of travel by ploughing.

I can make big and little turns and avoid other skiers. I can use the ski tow.
Level 3I can ski faster and make plough parallel turns, where I start the turns in a plough and finish with my skis parallel.

I can make a series of linked turns .
Level 4I am very confident with my plough parallel turns and my skis are naturally becoming parallel earlier in the turns, sometimes before the fall line.

My turns are smoother and more S shaped. I am happy skiing on all the main slope.
Level 5I am consistently making parallel turns. Both my skis are turning at the same time.

I still need to improve on balance and posture. I am confidently skiing on the main slope.
Level 6I am learning to use a well coordinated pole plant to improve my balance and timing. My parallel turns are smoother and more rhythmical.

I am working on improving flow from one turn to another.
Level 7I am becoming more confident in tackling challenging terrain. I can make really smooth turns with a well coordinated pole plant.

I can vary the radii of my turns to suit changes in gradient, whilst remaining in control of speed and line of travel. I can ski comfortably on steeper terrain.